Character encoding is annoying but necessary. Here's code for standardized byte order marks (BOM)

OpenGL SDL Starter Project

Just a quick starter project in C-style C++ with SDL2, OpenGL 3, and Dear ImGui. This came about from deciding to make a sudoku game for my wife, getting all the necessary libraries setup with CMake was a pain so this serves as a starting point for next time.

Ship Assemblies Inside Your PowerShell

This code generates a function that will load the assembly into the current PowerShell session. Yes it's a dumb idea but when your team lead tells you "we can't copy a dll file to every server your script needs to run on.", this is what happens.

Reading and Writing GZip Files With PowerShell

#Requires -Version 4

PowerShell May Be Better on Posix

After something being wayyyy easier than I thought it was going to be, I’m ready to claim that PowerShell is better when not used on Windows. I submit the following 1-liner as evidence: