Let's Build an iOS App

The other day I was making some wooden supports for my son's toy train set, snapped a few pictures when I thought, "It would be great if I could upload this to my website". This site uses Mezzanine CMS, it's written on top of the Django framework and has a nifty file uploader written in Flash, my iPhone can't use Flash. This sounds like a fun problem to solve for myself, if nothing else it will be a learning experience.

Here are the initial design goals: uploads are done over SSH, connection settings can be saved in app, integrates with Camera Roll photo picker. Stretch goals: sharing SSH settings (sans password or key files), file picker, extension integration, universal app (not just adaptive layout). I will track my code both on the GitLab Gogs instance hosted here, and on GitHub. Development progress will be documented on this blog but I’m not sure yet where issues will be tracked; OneNote is usually my go-to for personal projects, followed by Emacs Org-Mode but I think GitLab Gogs/GitHub issues are worth a shot.

That about sums things up. Hopefully the thought of public shaming, provided anyone ever reads this, will keep me motivated. Here we go.