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Hi, I'm Sean McArdle

I raise 3 kids with my lovely wife,

I'm a system administrator.

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My Resume

Sean McArdle

Oregon Health Authority 2009-Current

Information Systems Specialist 8 (ISS8) Infrastructure Ops Analyst 1/14-Current

Office of Information Services - Infrastructure Operations

  • Administer enterprise Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) implementation
  • Develop Windows Service that intelligently disables WiFi, avoiding dual homed machines (C#)
  • Install and administer Microsoft Identity Manager (formerly FIM)
  • Implement log analysis with Hadoop and ElasticSearch
  • Develop file share usage heuristics platform to detect cryptolocker (PowerShell, C# / C++, Lua)
  • Implement enterprise wide configuration consistency monitoring (PowerShell)
  • Develop client/server workflow automation tools and frameworks targeted at field staff (PowerShell, C#, C++, Python)
  • Develop shared data archiving solution to maintain daily snapshots for 3–8 years (PowerShell, Python, Bash)

ISS6 Linux Administrator 9/12–6/14

Office of Information Services - Technology Platform Services

  • Dev-Ops Admin, maintained: JIRA, Confluence, Fisheye/Crucible, Hudson, SVN, MySQL, Apache HTTPD, Tomcat
  • Implement ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) for cross platform log aggregation and analysis
  • Automate deployment and monitoring using: Bash, Python, PowerShell
  • Document legacy system, migrate to supported platform and define ongoing maintenance strategy

ISS5 Enterprise App Delivery 8/11–9/12

Office of Information Services - Enterprise Services Support

  • Develop deployment mechanism to bootstrap configuration management system
  • Develop custom process automation tools (C#, VBScript)
  • Application packaging

ISS4 Field Technician 9/09–8/11

State of Oregon - Office of Information Services - DHS Customer Service and Support

  • Serve Oregon Health Plan users and Office of Document Management
  • Maintain desktop and server systems with over 650 local and 2k remote users
  • Support Microsoft Active Directory and Novell eDirectory network services
  • Specialize in supporting desktop systems using Kofax and Unisys-InfoImage electronic document management
  • Automate AD domain migration while preserving user’s desktop profiles (C#)
  • Implement network based desktop imaging to replace current manual process

Other Skills and Experience

  • Experience administering: Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Docker, MySQL/MariaDB, Nginx, Apache HTTPD, Tomcat
  • Can effectively leverage: PowerShell, C#, VBScript, Python, Bash, JavaScript, Go
  • Familiar with: C, C++, Objective-C , Ruby, Lua, F#, Emacs Lisp


  • CompTIA A+ (ID# COMP0001008974065)
  • Benson Polytechnic High School, Portland, Oregon - Diploma with Microcomputer Technology Endorsement