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WifiSitter Troubleshooting

Adapter Whitelisting

Taken from the (Program Files\WifiSitter\
There isn't much to configure in WifiSitter but there is one tunable to configure, there may be some network adapters you want ignored complete, Microsoft WiFi Direct for example. Network adapters are named "Ethernet" or "WiFi", names are too generic so the whitelist is made up of the network adapter descriptions. They are string values located at:

Introducing Wifi Sitter

The following is simply a copy of the from my latest project found here, I hope you find it useful.

C# Remote WMI Query

Simple remote wmi query method.

.Net is Open Source. Why do I care?

If you're a .Net developer and an Open Source enthusiast, these past couple of weeks have been really exciting for you. .Net CLR and core libraries have been relicensed under the MIT license, and they've announced a forthcoming .Net CoreRT that will be truly cross platform: Windows, Linux, OSX. All these projects have been moved under the .Net Foundation with a patent promise and code hosted on Github. This is real Open Source, not just an Open Source component that you can only run on a closed platform; you can run commercially supported .Net on a fully open stack. That is awesome!

DFS links with PowerShell/.Net Native Interop

So as a follow up to my previous post about enumerating DFS namespaces with C#, here's a PowerShell wrapper around that function. It's implemented as a PowerShell advanced function with some Get-Help documentation. I hope you find it useful. (If you don't see any code below, try refreshing, Github can be hit or miss)