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Character encoding is annoying but necessary. Here's code for standardized byte order marks (BOM)

Reading and Writing GZip Files With PowerShell

#Requires -Version 4

Creating Zero Filled Files with PowerShell

There are times where you'd like to create a dummy file for testing, if you're on Windows you may be familiar with the 'fsutil file createnew' command. This allows you to create a zero filled file of a predefined size, fantastic. It's a small, but powerful, command that is included with every Windows install but let's assume you need a PowerShell native method for creating a zero filled file, what might that look like?

Introducing Wifi Sitter

The following is simply a copy of the from my latest project found here, I hope you find it useful.

Quick Windows Filesystem Enumeration with PInvoke

Write up forthcoming. Here's the code: