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Rip Audio from Video with GStreamer

I reccently found the need to rip the audio from a video file (good for some conference talks), the issue is this, FFMPEG doesn't always have the codec you need. Thankfully I've purchased the Fluendo codec pack for gstreamer, the do stuff with video/audio backend. The following command sets up the gstreamer pipeline for processing the audio all the way from decoding the video to reencoding into an ogg vorbis file. The gst-launch man page has plenty of details on setting up the pipeline, there is tons of power here and I've found better performance on my system than with FFMPEG for audio and video transcoding.

Sometimes It's the Right Tool but the Wrong Job

When you're asked to generate a quick report from a bunch of data that's stored in CSV files you think, "Hey that's what spreadsheets are good at.", or if it's a lot of CSV files, "That's what PowerShell is good at." I only offer this as a caution, while it can do it, sometimes it still shouldn't be done. The PowerShell ISE get's a little dodgy when it's using more than 4 GB of data.

.Net is Open Source. Why do I care?

If you're a .Net developer and an Open Source enthusiast, these past couple of weeks have been really exciting for you. .Net CLR and core libraries have been relicensed under the MIT license, and they've announced a forthcoming .Net CoreRT that will be truly cross platform: Windows, Linux, OSX. All these projects have been moved under the .Net Foundation with a patent promise and code hosted on Github. This is real Open Source, not just an Open Source component that you can only run on a closed platform; you can run commercially supported .Net on a fully open stack. That is awesome!

Diagraming software is terrible

I hate pretty much all diagramming tools. Visio is too expensive, Dia uses an ancient version of GTK+ and crashes when exporting, Calligra Flow crashes a lot and doesn't work on anything but KDE, LibreOffice Draw is pretty much the only one that isn't completely terrible but the canvas size is fixed and it defaults back to the selector tool after every operation. However, this whole HTML5 thing is finally starting to pay off.