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Strange F# Error on Mono/Xamarin

While dipping my toes into F# some time ago, I ran into a compile-time error that I couldn't explain or find a solution for: "Error FS0010: Unexpected keyword 'open' in implementation file (FS0010)". I was just building the Hello World app that comes with MonoDevelop out of the box. After some tooling around on StackOverflow and coming up short, the only thing I could think was, "Maybe it's a Mono bug, it's not in their issue tracker so I should just compile everything from source to be sure." Long story short, that was not the problem so don't waste your time; Mono 3.10+ is more than adequate. The issue was because I had a hyphen in my project name and the AssemblyInfo.fs file was improperly formatted because of it.

Numlock Please

I've been using Hyper-V for development work lately and it's been fine, just like any other hypervisor. However, there is one nagging issue, numlock gets disabled when jumping between guests. What the heck? I haven't experienced this behavior with KVM, VirtualBox or VMWare and it's really not worth figuring out the cause when PowerShell can keep your numlock enabled.

PowerShell Hashtables as an Index

Have you ever needed to grep to a ton of logs that reference AD objects, fetch those objects from AD and build a report? No?... Well let's just say you have. That can get pretty slow and round tripping to your local friendly domain controller can get out of hand. There are some easy ways to avoid making unnessessary queries, here's one of them.