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Pt1: The Language Doesn't Really Matter

So when I say the language doesn't matter, that doesn't mean programming languages don't have certain advantages but until you really understand a few languages, advantages don't matter. Understanding a system well enough to solve 90+ percent of your computing problems is more important. With most modern languages you can implement just about anything: systems utilities, network programming, web applications, etc. That doesn't mean there isn't a right tool for the job, but you can learn an awful lot while using the wrong tool for the job. I don't have a lot of scientific evidence to convince you, but I do have a couple stories about stuff I've made, mostly using the wrong language, and managed to get things working.

Newbie Advice

I'm a system administrator by trade but I've always had an interest in programming and want to get into the software business. After a few years of more coding than admin work, there are a few things I wish someone had told me.

What is this?

This is where I've decided to put things I don't want to forget. After using everyone elses services for keeping notes and not being satisfied with the lack of cross platform support from any of them (the Chrome web-app for Evernote doesn't count as a Linux client), I've decided to buck up and run my own server.